Guest WiFi

Guest WiFi that does the business

Cutting-edge guest WiFi as about more than just giving your customers internet access. It's your chance to keep your own network safe, market your business more effectively and satisfy your customers so they come back for more. Join the future-facing companies using new WiFi solutions to grow their business and see how it can deliver for you too.

Guest WiFi

Boost your bottom line

With customers expecting fast, secure and stable internet access, you should consider great connectivity a minimum when choosing your guest WiFi.

Above and beyond that, the world is your oyster - choose the right WiFi and you'll not only be giving your customers what they need, but providing your business with the unique marketing tools that deliver tangible impact to its bottom line.

Guest WiFi

Unlock the potential of guest WiFi

Linc provides guest WiFi that enables you to:

  • Capture data about your customers so you can target them with more relevant and engaging marketing
  • Use a smart screening system to generate more positive customer reviews and fewer negative ones
  • Update your customers with direct SMS messages about your events, news and promotions
  • Build better relationships with your customers through fully branded email campaigns that can be automated or sent manually

Linc guest WiFi offers all of that on a network that's speedy, reliable and fully secure, with 100% compliance and customisable filtering available to make sure your users can browse safely.

Guest WiFi

Better guest WiFi in 60 seconds

One minute - that's all it takes to learn all about the power of great guest WiFi in this quick explainer video.

Guest WiFi

Get up and running

Whether you need us to integrate with your existing WiFi equipment or set up a new system from scratch, our free installation services include mesh, cabled and outdoor networks to ensure your new connection reaches every corner of your premises.

Revolutionary WiFi is within reach - so take the first step by speaking to one of our experts and booking a demo of Linc's platform today.