Top tips for a great mobile experience for all

Top tips for a great mobile experience for all

Today our mobile phone is part of our life and some of us hardly leave it out of sight.

Yet, few of us are aware of all the capacities of our devices, and accessibility features are among their most underused functions.

These built-in functionalities are originally designed to make mobile phones more accessible to vulnerable and disabled people however, everyone can benefit from them. They can be tailored to anyone's needs and preferences to offer each of us a more personalised mobile experience.

From text size to extended ringing time, the below article from O2 covers the top tips to a seamless mobile experience for all.

Whether it is about giving someone accessibility to some functionalities or just improving their ease of use, this article can be very helpful to some people, so we encourage you to share this information.

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{ I'm always surprised by how few people know about the accessibility options that are built into smartphones and tablets. They can be life changing for people when they learn about them, even for people who wouldn't consider themselves to have a disability. } -